AJ Kershner

Simplicated Band is KILLING IT at Jack S.Drinkery right now!

Kelly Reikofski Rounds

Great band and vocals! They have a great variety of song lists and get the crowd on the dance floor!

David Forney

Watching some Simplicated Band tonight at Cottonwood Cove. Great band!

Brett Kastrup

Real good! Delightful bass-slapping, guitar picking, and singing. highly suggest seeing a show.

Mike Riley

Very entertaining, good players, good music, lots of fun! Check them out! Highly Recommended!

Ken Brison

Great energetic band! We really enjoyed ourselves. Strongly recommend them.

Gallardo Chris

Amazing 😍🙌😍👌🙌👌😍🙌. Best of the new stuff as well as the old classic rock songs. A must see.