So much much fun last night!

Thank you for having us Philly Sports Bar and Grill and thank you all who came to party with us! Great dancers and awesome memories

Ashland Views

A Great, outdoor, lakefront show in Ashland. We always do our best to take pictures throughout the night but we get easily distracted with the fun! Thank you to Shea and Mike for letting us be a part of the birthday celebration with your family and friends!

Meet The Band: Dan Trawicki

We are excited to announce the newest addition to Simplicated! Dan Trawicki is joining the group as our keyboardist. We are humbled and flattered that he has chosen to work with us. Great things to come! Thank you Dan!

What a Show!!!

Thanks to everyone that came out last night and for everyone that stayed and danced; it was awesome! Thanks to The Cottonwood Cove Marina & RV Resort for hosting us. See you at the next show!

Our new keyboard player, Amy!

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure to announce a new addition to the Simplicated family…please welcome our new keyboard player, Amy!!! Here is a little bit about her…She has been playing the piano for 50 years (weird since she’s in her 30s but whatever) and is an accompanist at Omaha North High School….

Inside Info: Wayne

Wayne is the “other” guitar player in the band and is very happy to have 2 lead singers in the band as this allows more time to focus his attention to the on-stage joking that takes place during each show. If you pay close attention you will notice that other band members (mostly Zach) do…

Inside Info: Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly is not only the face-melting lead guitarist in the group but also assumes the role of delivering well-timed snappy comebacks and humor sure to provide a laugh for all that hear. You can usually tell by the other band members’ laughter when this is “going down!” Hello, Patrick Kelly here.  I have been…

Inside Info: Madi

Next up, a little info about the favorite female lead singer in our group! Madi brings strong vocals and humor to every show and practice (some might even say the humor is pop-corny). I am 30. I was born in England. When I was young I found my mom’s old guitar and started singing and…

Inside Info: Zach Barrientos

Next up is Zach Barrientos Zach is one of our lead singers and is really shy and introverted (huh). We joke because we care. He is a Sagittarius, loves dad jokes, and long walks on the beach! Although he does not play any instruments in the band, he eventually hopes to add something more than…