Our new keyboard player, Amy!

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure to announce a new addition to the Simplicated family…please welcome our new keyboard player, Amy!!! Here is a little bit about her…She has been playing the piano for 50 years (weird since she’s in her 30s but whatever) and is an accompanist at Omaha North High School. Her last band was Three Penny Opera but that venture was called short because of the pandemic and its affects on local bands. She has 2 daughters (I won’t tag them in this) and a significant other, Mitch, who will unofficially become a Simplicated roadie 😉 (I like blue M&Ms)Amy’s hobbies are playing live music, fishing, traveling, crafting, and riding her Harley! We are so happy to have met her and VERY excited to work with such a great talent! Welcome to the band and let’s make this a great experience for everyone!!!

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