Inside Info: Zach Barrientos

Next up is Zach Barrientos

Zach is one of our lead singers and is really shy and introverted (huh). We joke because we care. He is a Sagittarius, loves dad jokes, and long walks on the beach! Although he does not play any instruments in the band, he eventually hopes to add something more than just his jokes. His wife Lisa and 4 kids have reached their limit of his jokes, and apologize that he now shares them with you.

In his spare time (he really doesn’t have any), he is a college professor at MCC and Midland University, plus he dabbles in marketing and business consulting with The Perspicacity Group out of NJ.

He would like to thank his family for letting him pursue his dream of being on stage and entertaining the masses.

Musical influences: Billy Joel, Elton John, Hall & Oates

Guilty Pleasures: Taylor Hicks, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany

Fun fact: Zach was in a movie filmed in Blair, NE (2000), and it aired on the WB Network in 2002…check out his filmography on IMDB

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