Inside Info: Wayne

Wayne is the “other” guitar player in the band and is very happy to have 2 lead singers in the band as this allows more time to focus his attention to the on-stage joking that takes place during each show. If you pay close attention you will notice that other band members (mostly Zach) do their best not to make eye contact with Wayne during a show.

I have been playing the guitar since I was14. Back then it was all about having a funky shaped guitar and playing Stairway to Heaven (just the intro) in a somewhat recognizable way. My interest in playing the guitar faded away for a few years but only until my kids received Guitar Hero for Christmas. That game deserves all of the credit for bringing back my interest in playing music.

I have been with a few bands over the years and I have enjoyed the great experiences with them all. The Unknown Knows, Triple DW, and many un-named high school garage bands.

In regards to admired musicians and groups I am all over the charts. Brad Paisley, Eddie Van Halen, Metallica, Big and Rich, Garth Brooks, Frank Sinatra, Country, Rock, Classic, R & B, Dance, and most everything else.

I enjoy the “show”.  From the anticipation of playing the show to setting up the sound and lights and being a part of a group that creates music that people enjoy. I am very fortunate to be included in a group of great musicians and vocalists that have became friends over the years.

Fun fact: I must confess that when Patrick is playing another great “face melting” solo or just “noodling”, Zach is capturing the audience with his dazzling new shirts, strong vocals and stage presence, Rob is “Acing” the groove, Ray is “Busting a Move”, and Madi is amazing the audience with her vocals on Shallow, these are all proud moments for me to be a part of. (just naming a few, there are so many more)

Of course none of this Simplicated thing happens without the support of family, friends, and fans. The practice time and prep that goes in to adding a song to our set list often subjects other members in the household to hear the same song, in parts, over and over and over…..Thank you Angie and Katelyn! 

That’s my story. Take care and I hope to see you soon!

PS: I may or may not be responsible for the bands Fireball addiction. Cheers!

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