Inside Info: Rob

As we continue the introductions, Rob volunteered to go next. Rob is the bass/keyboard player for Simplicated (sometimes playing both instruments during certain songs). Rob is the winner of the band member that brings the most gear to practice! When you play bass and keyboards, you have stuff! With the talent comes the humor………..

Rob grew up on a farm near the Black Hills of South Dakota and currently lives in Bellevue, NE.  He traded tractors for airplanes and currently pretends to work in the US Air Force, stationed at Offutt Air Force Base, but everybody really knows that’s just a front for his musical aspirations.

Rob (AKA “Lurch,” one look at him and you’ll get it) has played in many bands in Colorado, Oklahoma, and various hot, sandy, or otherwise unpleasant locations, but is pretty stoked to be laying down the bass here in Eastern Nebraska, where the chances of being blown up, tornadoed, or accosted by misplaced California hippies are significantly decreased. He plays bass, keyboard, and banjo but will be more than happy to make a lot of noise on whatever instrument happens to be in the same room as he is at any given time (much to the chagrin of whatever people happen to also be in the same room as he is at those times).

Some of his past bands are:

Johnny Jazzkill (rock/grunge originals)

The 580 Band (funk/R&B covers)

Five Tacos (90’s alternative covers)

Jury of the Condemned (metalcore)

The Shidiots (punk covers and originals)

Megaton (sludge/doom metal)

mancavesareforcavemen (punk)

Ballinger’s Cross (sludge/doom metal)

High Key and the Crosswinds (w/ special guest DJ Light Rhyme) (90’s-00’s covers)

He currently plays bass and keys for Simplicated, plays bass and keys for an unnamed prog/jazz project that pretty much just stays in the basement, plays bass and bass for a The Dave Matthews Band cover band called The Craig Matthews Band, plays bass for any church that asks, and plays banjo for whoever will listen, which is mostly (entirely) just his dogs, Mia and Jerry Lee Lewis, who are both super cute and ought to have bios of their own.

Some of his favorite bands/artists are:

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones


Colour Haze


All Them Witches

Old Crow Medicine Show

Miles Davis

Gogol Bordello… the list goes on, but Ray only got to list six, and I don’t want to be TOO greedy, so we’ll just…

… screw it, one more, AVRIL LAVIGNE, and if you don’t think she rocks, you can POUND SAND! Skater boi was my jam in 02’

A few of his favorite bassists:

Victor Wooten

Esperanza Spalding

Jaco Pastorius

Larry Graham

Les Claypool

Marcus Miller

Stanley Clarke

Charles Mingus

Matt Freeman

Phil Lesh

Ray Manzarek’s left hand

Fun facts:

1. The wood frog can hold its pee for up to 8 months. Seriously, google it.

2. Lurch doesn’t have any fun facts.

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